LabSpace MSG updated

This morning we made some ‘behind the scenes’ updates to the MSG web client for LabSpace users, which will provide some noticable improvements for users, the main ones being:

  • Much quicker login process. Previously the login process could timeout, giving ‘disconnected’ messages, but now the login should be almost instant.
  • More dynamic roster. Now, when you or other users enrol (or unenrol) on courses, your roster will change dynamically, previously you needed to log out and back in again for roster updates to take effect.

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding MSG, please email us.

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[…] MSG Client updated Yesterday we updated the MSG client code, well, specifically the Wildfire customisations that provide the services for the MSG client. These changes should make quite a difference - especailly with some of the problems some people were getting with login timeouts etc. More details of the updates. […]

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