MSG Netvibes widget

We've created an MSG Netvibes widget so you can be automatically logged in to MSG when you visit your Netvibes page, will give you the presence state of your contacts (with "click to chat" option) and notify you when new messages are received.

To add the widget to You'll need to log into you Netvibes page then select "Add Content", under the "External widgets" section select "UWA Module". Click on the "Add to my page" link, which will then add the generic UWA Module to your page. Then edit the settings for this module so the Widget URL is set to: You must also ensure the "Inline this widget" box is ticked (else it won’t remember your password).

You can now edit the MSG Widget to set your

  • MSG server to connect to - select if you have an OpenLearn account, otherwise
  • MSG username and password (or OpenLearn details if you are connecting to the OpenLearn server)

Then whenever you log into your Netvibes page You'll automatically be logged into MSG and receive new message notifications and the presence status of your contacts.

All feedback and suggestions welcome.

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