Launch MSG!

Instant messaging direct from your browser.

Download MSG Alert v2.2 (a notification tool) that automatically logs in, alerts you to new messages, and provides a quick-launch for the web client (Windows-only executable, suitable for all categories of users).

*Which service, username & password to use:

OpenLearn - For those participating in the Open University’s OpenLearn website. Your username and password will be those used for logging in to the OpenLearn website, so either your ‘OUCU’ (if you are an OU student or staff member) or your email address (otherwise).

MSG General Server - For users logging into the server. Use the username and password you registered with, or, if you are OU staff, your email address. This server allows you to set your password via the user web admin interface at (no longer available)

ELeGI (IWT/GA) - For users logging into the ELeGI LDAP connected server, (no longer available)

If you continue to have problems logging in then please contact us at: