Client Grid Service

The BuddySpace Client Grid Service (BSCGS) is an experimental grid service envelope around the back-end of BuddySpace (BS) Jabber client. Each service resource (instance) contains an instance of the BS back-end. The grid service interface then substitutes the front-end (the graphical user interface) of the “normal” version of the client; defining equivalent operations and notifications ranging from “connect/ disconnect” or “send message” commands to “presence changed” notifications.

Current implementation of the BSCGS service was developed using the Globus Toolkit and an instance of the service is currently running at:

WSDL for the service can be accessed at (no longer available):

Source code for the service and an example client application can be found in the CVS respository within module BuddySpaceClientGridService.
To quick-view source code for the example client application code, see (no longer available)