SimLink design and implementation:
Chris Denham [email]

Project principal investigator:
Marc Eisenstadt [ home page] [email]

BuddySpace client architecture & implementation:
Jiri Komzak [ home page]

Website design and implementation:
Harriett Cornish [ home page] [email] & Damian Dadswell [ home page] [email]


Since 1st February 2004, work on BuddySpace has been funded by the European Union Sixth Framework Programme under Integrated Project 2205, "ELeGI (European Learning Grid Infrastructure)", which falls under the heading of EU Information Society Technologies Priority (Technology-enhanced learning and access to cultural heritage).

Earlier sources of funding were crucial in the original creation of BuddySpace. In particular, we gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC), which is sponsored by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant number GR/N15764/01. Full sponsoring project details: and

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