Quick start

This guide is to help you quickly try out the application, a more detailed user guide is available through the menu above.

The application is straightforward to use. It opens displaying the latest available news, split into stories. Each story is displayed in a panel with three components:

  • video key frames across the top, with a link to play the video
  • key words down the left hand side, these are categorised into organisations, people, locations and dates
  • a central panel with a text summary of the story, its date and a link to the full story.

At the top of the main page there are drop down boxes to allow you to select and display previous days news. Just below the date selection area there is a link to the search page. On the search page you can query the news archive by text and date range. The text query searches the key words extracted from each story.


This link -- ANSES -- will open the application in a new browser (no longer available).