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iServe is the place on the Web where linked data meets services. In a nutshell, iServe is a platform for publishing Semantic Web Services as linked data, no matter their original format. iServe builds upon these principles and uses as its core what we refer to as the Minimal Service Model, a minimal vocabulary for describing services in RDF which abstracts us away from the original approach used for annotating the services, such as SAWSDLWSMO-LiteMicroWSMO or OWL-S. Taking the original descriptions, iServe automatically generates the appropriate RDF statements according to the Minimal Service Model and expose them as linked data, thus providing a simple means for publishing Semantic Web Services in a manner that is suitable for the description and interlinking of services, people and data.

Visit iServe’s Web site for further information or check its content with iServe Browser. The video below provides a brief guide to the service registry and some of its query capabilities.

iServe is available as open source in GitHub, so feel free to deploy your own server and to contribute to the project!

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